Call for Abstracts

Author(s) can submit an abstract for consideration and, if accepted, have the paper assigned by the conference committee to a particular session. An author can present a maximum of two papers during the conference, although he or she may be listed as co-author in other submissions. The focus of the submitted papers can be:

  1. research regarding donors, blood, blood products, organs, tissues, quality & management;
  2. diagnostics (serological, genetic, microbiological) in terms of donor health and eligibility;
  3. organisational or clinical management of donors and donated blood, blood products, organs and tissue, or
  4. management and strategy in working with donor health and donor relationship.

Note that depending on the number of submissions, some papers may be forwarded to the poster session. Submission deadline is May 22nd, 2020.

To submit an abstract, please complete the template document following the guidelines provided, sent it to no later than May 22nd, 2020.

Call for Special Sessions

Researchers are encouraged to set up a special session featuring three or four papers around a specific topic. All the papers in such sessions will be accepted assuming the special session itself is accepted. To submit a special session please contact michel.clement[at] Submission deadline is May 22nd, 2020.

Call for Posters

Authors, whose papers are still in the early phase of development, or who are looking for one-on-one feedback, are encouraged to submit papers specifically in this category. Papers submitted for this session will be presented Wednesday evening. In addition, if too many papers are submitted for the paper sessions, the conference committee may assign some of the papers to the poster session. Submission deadline is May 22nd, 2020.